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Ease of Car Clubs!!

Book Book a car online , weeks ahead or with just a few minutes’ notice, for anything from an hour to a weekend. Whatever works for you. Unlock Unlock a car , parked in a designated parking bay. It’s clean and ready to go....

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Who uses car clubs?

Occasional Drivers:  People who do not own or have access to a car but who require access to one occasionally Money Savers:  People who own a car but only use it occasionally and who could do without the expense of owning one...

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How do Car Clubs work?

Car clubs own cars that are made available to their members for short term use.   The club covers all the costs of owning and operating the vehicles, such as insurance, tax, fuel, cleaning and servicing. Members pay an annual...

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Help reduce emissions

The car club is here to help when you need a car and when it is impossible to get where you are going either by foot or cycle or public transport, it is great when you can use all different types of transport options, so much...

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