Hiring a car from Car Bute is simple


Once you have registered as a member and your membership is confirmed you will be ready to make a booking.
Select your car club location from the list.
Choose the car you want and click Book car.
If it is booked you will be able to see when it returns.
Take another car or re-schedule your journey.
Remember to confirm your booking on the next window which shows the vehicle, time and date.
Bookings can be made up to six months in advance.

Pick up the car
Find the car key in the keysafe near to where the cars are parked.
Inspect the outside of the car and the interior for tidiness.
Report any damage or untidy condition on the tripsheet in the car.
Note down the starting mileage.
Enter your name and sign that you have checked the car inside and out.

Check there is at least a quarter of a tank fuel.
If the car needs refueling find the fuel card in the glove compartment find a fuel station and fill up with the correct fuel.
After your journey complete the mileage, check the fuel card is back in the glove compartment.
Lock the car and return the key to the keysafe.

Job Done!