In a world of information where the requirements for accurate, up-to-date details on our travel arrangements are needed at the touch of a button it is sometimes easy to neglect the environmental impact we take. Whether looking for ferry status, checking train timetables or seeing whether your bus is running on time, so much of this can be done via the internet now.

But technology has a greater part to play in transport. Towns and cities across Europe now offer their residents the ability to hire ‘e-bike’s for short periods, picking them up from one location and dropping them off at a second location closer to their destination. These e-bikes are unlocked via a code relayed to your smartphone, showing how technology and environmental, carbon zero transport methods can work hand in hand. These bikes are also electronically assisted, and can be charged at a number of stations where the bikes are kept.

In larger towns and cities you will also find many other forms of transport. Trams and trains offer excellent ways to reduce your carbon footprint in comparison to cars, as mass transit produces less emission per person per km. Technology has its role here too, as your smartphone can tell you everything from whether your train is running, how long it will take to arrive and even how long you will be on the tram until it’s your stop.

But how can these things apply to our small island? There are no trams or trains here. In some senses we do have some technology to help us though. Anyone wanting to take the ferry can check the status using their phone. Bus timetables can be found online also.

And where we need to rely on a car, the Car Bute club is always the most environmentally friendly option. Our automatic car is a hybrid car- part electric. Both cars can be reserved online at the touch of a button and are available to be booked weeks in advance. Our members can see in advance when they are available, and it’s easy to join the car club.

So whilst we might not yet have e-bikes on Bute, technology is certainly here to stay.