Living and working in Argyll & Bute can be both rewarding and challenging.  Getting around as part of daily routine usually involves water – we are either travelling round it or crossing over it!  When touring leisurely, this is a pleasure, taking time to admire the scenery and marvel at the weather as it changes through the seasons in just one day.  However, when travelling for business with the pressure of deadlines and the possibility of not making it home, it can be a little more stressful.

We have some fabulous public transport: a wee bit of rail which is very picturesque, good bus links throughout Argyll and down to the central belt although frequency reduces choice, and of course ferries which we couldn’t do without!

We like to think that Car Bute adds value to this mix for our community and from the wonderful feedback we receive, our members think so too!

This week one of our cars went on an epic journey from Bute to Campbeltown, via Portavadie to Oban back to Tarbert to Kennocraig and back to Bute via Inverary.  Wow!  And all the challenges that our communities face everyday where there: snow, rain, sunshine, wind and tide; pot holes, flooding, debris from woods and beaches; slow traffic, big lorries and cancelled ferries.  Still if life was easy, we wouldn’t appreciate it!

Wherever you are travelling this weekend, keep safe and take time to enjoy it!