2057 Garden Tiger, Bute Produce, Bute 30.7.16

Garden Tiger

There are many delights to discover when travelling around Bute, with some you may have to work just a bit to experience them.  And at Car Bute we recommend that it is worth the effort.   Whilst enjoying the dark skies, try and spot The Garden Tiger, one of the largest and most colourful moths in UK.

Lepidoptera is the study of moths, and what a variety we have on Bute!  A local study group recently ran a moth trapping and study event at Bute Produce.  We were astounded to learn over 200 moths were humanely caught (and released) overnight.  The team, volunteers with Bute Museum , told us our local produce site is “an excellent site for moths”.  That’s really good news as moths are great pollinators!  No less than 30 different varieties were found.

Here are just a few examples to help you identify them.  So as you plan your next trip to Bute, why not try to experience a different night life.

1738 Common Carpet, Bute Produce, Bute 30.7.16

Common Carpet

1917 Early Thorn, Bute Produce, Bute 30.7.16

Early Thorn

2342 Rosy Minor, Bute Produce, Bute 30.7.16 (1)

Rosy Minor