Its getting to that time of year again. When the decorations go out, the trees go up and family and friends come round to visit. Often when visitors come to the island they seek the freedom to go where they can, whenever they can and this is one way the Car Bute car can help. The opportunity visitors to the island have around this time of year is unique: a glimpse at island life during the winter months and the picturesque scenes our environment can offer. Some of these can only be found by venturing a little further afield.

It is during the festive time then that we welcome new visiting members to the car club, showing them what the cars can offer. Sometimes however, a membership can last past Christmas. Just as some visitors come to Bute and fall in love with our island and the peaceful way of life, those who come back repeatedly will often maintain a full annual membership.

And who can blame them? Whilst a one month temporary membership costs £20, taking the annual membership of 12 months is only £60. This is fantastic value for money, and one that our members take full advantage of.

You can book a car or join Car Bute today by going to the Car Bute webpage, by emailing or by calling 01700 503181.