With 2018 well underway the sun seems to be greeting us earlier in the morning. So why not make the most of it? There is so much of Bute to explore and see. From southern Kilchattan Bay to the shores of Scalpsie Bay, the views can be breathtaking (despite the chill in the air!). Any drivers visiting can take advantage of the Car Bute car club by becoming a temporary member. This gives them the freedom to get to places that they otherwise wouldn’t see.

And most of the arrangements can be done online. To register as a temporary member costs just £20 membership fee plus £50 returnable insurance deposit: a member of staff will book your hire; payment is due at the end of your hire.

Of course Car Bute isn’t just for our visitors. The greatest savings can be made by our island residents, as sharing a car reduces costs such as insurance and breakdown cover. The fleet is a great means of getting off island for that occasional trip to appointments or visits when they are needed. When the occasional trip to the ‘big smoke’ is required, or cars can be a great way of getting from A to B.

So book a car today, and see where it will take you!